Monday, March 8, 2010

Swap polish Jade 361, a duochrome?? warning: picture heavy;)


hope you had a great weekend and are now full of new energy for the coming work week:) I spent a great weekend with my BF in spa centre, amazing:P

Today I present you another polish from my swap with Tuli, it's Jade 361 (an amazing colour for which I think it's duochrome, and these pictures don't do it justice, it looks even more amazing IRL). If I try to describe the colour, I could say it's dusty shimmery pink and taupe, or mauve, don't know, this colour leaves me wondering on how to describe it, just as I've tried to capture it on camera. I wore this polish when we went skiing in Austria, please excuse me a bit white tips, as I wore it almost a week and there was not chipping or anything like that. There are 2 coats in the pictures, and application was great. At the end I've added 1 coat of INM OutTheDoor top coat.

How would you describe the colour? Do you think it's duochrome or not? What do you think of it?

Thank you, dear readers and commenters, have a nice and polished day:*

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  1. I'm not sure if it is a duochrome or not, but I'm sure I like it :) It's a very pretty color ^^

  2. I wasn't sure if it's a duochrome or not too, but I thought it is a special shade :-) I'm very happy you like it <3

  3. It's pretty! You know when you said "Jade" I automatically assumed it would be green, LOL. Is Jade the brand name?

  4. Mae, thank you:*

    Ayuu, I?m not sure either:) thanks:*

    gildedangel, thank you:*

    Tuli, I really like it indeed! thanks again:*

    Tassa, hvala:*

    Musicalhouses, it's a brand, I got it from Tuli (Israel), yes when hearing jade I also think of green:) thank you:*


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