Monday, September 14, 2009

I Think You Are An Awsome Girl tag - 10 facts about me

I have been tagged by the best and sweetest mineral MU and nail polish blogger Nati, owner of the blog All about Nati, thank you so much for tagging me, I feel very flattered indeed. So I am to list 10 random fact about me, hmm here we go:

1. tomorrow is my second diploma exam, still have to do my powerpoint presentation, but I am writing my blog, huh what should that mean;) I study english language  with literature and german language-translation studies
2. I love cooking and baking, if you do not mind I will post some recipes and pictures of what I have done, how about that??
3. I am an only child, not sisters or brothers:(
4. have the feeling that I'm internet addicted
5. in a relationship for over 7 years now
6.  recently discovered addiction- nail polishes and Konad- who would have thought, right;)
7. I do not like tidying up, but I still do it:)
8. love green tea
9.  I do martial arts, karate4life, I love sports
10. the last but not the least; my favourite colours are violet, purple and red
The 10 blogs I tag:

There are many great blogs, and I surely read many of them.Thank you my dear readers and commenters:) It means a lot to me, kisses:*

KOTD Pedicure

I also  did a pedicure yesterday, but did not have enough time to put it only. She wanted to have a pedicure too, so I put over 1 coat of Essence ridge filler 1 coat of Essence Show your feet Caribbean sea and stamped it with images from fauxnad K02 and konad m57 and Konad special nail polish in black. As a top coat I applied 1 coat of Oriflame long wear gloss coat. Do you like it? Is it more suitable for summer? Thank you for reading and commenting:)
All images are clickable:)
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