Saturday, January 23, 2010

Essie ''Sweet Time of the Year'', review and swatches

Recently I got a package from the Slovenian web shop Čarodejka Essie's distributor in Slovenia, however they sell Essie polishes also internationally and the owner promised to translate their site into English very soon. The prices are reasonable, especially for Europe, Essie polish costs 9€ (around 7,90 British pound).

Now for the swatches:) I must warn you, this post is going to be picture heavy, prepare;)

The package included the mini versions of Rock Candy, Mint Candy Apple, Lollipop and 3-way glaze which functions as base coat, strenghtener and top coat. I used the latter as my base coat during swatching, it gives a splendid shine to nails, though it does not dry as quickly as Nailtek f.2. I had no application problems at all, all 3 applied gorgeously. Thy also have a great shine on their own, as there is not top coat used in pictures. Pictures taken in the lightbox are the most colour accurate.

Mint Candy Apple, Lollipop, Rock Candy, 3-way glaze

Rock Candy

A sheer pale pink jelly. I applied 3 coats, but as you can see in the pictures it is still not opaque, I think it will look great for french manicures and already have one in my mind:)

On to the pics:

The first was taken with flash, no artificial light

The second was taken in the lightbox with flash

As well as the third, but there's no flash

Mint Candy Apple

Gorgeous pastel minty green, perhaps I could go away with only one a bit thicker coat, but I applied two rather thin ones. Smooth application indeed.

Flash/no artificial light (not colour accurate)

Lightbox, flash

Lightbox, no flash


I'm in love with reds:) This one applied like a dream, 2 coats needed, although I could do another one, as there was a bit of visible smile line, but I like it this way. If you have shorter nails, 2 would do just fine. This one is a gorgeous bright red jelly colour.

Flash, no artificial light

Lightbox, flash

Lightbox, no flash

What do you think of the colours? Which one do you own?

Thank you, dear readers and commenters, and of course a big thanks to Čarodejka that enabled this review. Have a great and polished weekend*

Don't forget, all pictures are clickable;)