Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm running out of time!

Hey, how are you all? I'm really busy these days, there's simply not enough time to keep everything done, thus lack of posts on my blog:( I was again away for the whole weekend, how I wish I wasn't, but there was the second part of the karate teaching seminar and one is ahead for the next weekend. I have not forgotten about the giveaway result, I just have to write your names on the paper and put everything in a big hat and draw the winner, yeay:)

If I have not told you yet,  I tell you now;) I've been working as an appretince in a primary school since two weeks now, so there are many new things to me and lack of time for my blog, but I'm sure you understand this. New posts are coming, although not as frequently as they used to come, but I have some new manicures on my  mind;)

Thank you all for understanding, kisses! Have a nice and polished day:*