Friday, July 30, 2010

An attempt at ruffian manicure - matte&glossy Savita

Hello, dear readers and followers:)

Finally Friday:P

First I would like to say that this manicure looked much better IRL, the different effects were better visible but the camera just could capture it. Please so enlarge the pics to see the ruffian manicure more precisely;) This was my first attempt at it, so please don't be harsh on me;)

The base for this manicure was yesterday's NOTD with Zoya Savita. For the glossy part I used 1 coat of INM OutTheDoor top coat, and the lines were painted with free hand, no stencils or alike.

How do you like the manicure? What do you think of the ruffian? Like it or not?

Thank you, dear readers and followers, wishing you a nice and polished weekend:*

All images are clickable:)
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