Monday, August 31, 2009

Matching new layout with KOTD

As I changed the layout of my blog, I thought it appropriate to find a suitable konadicure for it:). Over Oriflame base coat I applied 2 coats of OPI Strawberry margharita and stamped it with image from m61 and Konad special nail polish in pastel pink. At the end I put 1 coat of Essie g2g. Do you like the KOTD? Thanks for commenting
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Saturday, August 29, 2009


I feel somewhat wild today:) and my manicure resembles this. For base colour I used some Vollare mini nail polish (1 coat) over Oriflame base coat, then stamped leopard spots from m57 with Konad special nail polish in black. Afterwards, I coloured the middle of the spots with Vollare nail art pen in gold and added 1 coat of Essie g2g. Is it too wild? :P

KOTD pedicure

My last pedicure lasted more than 3 weeks, but today I had to change it, because I felt like trying something new:) Over Oriflame base coat I put 1 coat of Essence multi dimension 30 Late at night and stamped it with fish net image from m57 with Konad special nail polish in black. After that I waited for at least 1 hour, so the special polish was really dry and then applied 1 coat of Essie g2g. If you put the top coat too soon, it will smear the Konad black polish, it is also very advisable to apply it a bit more thickly. So here is the result, what do you think of it?? :)
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Friday, August 28, 2009

Great offer from OC NAIL ART

Kathleen from OC NAIL ART has generously offered a 20% off code to all my readers and followers. Just type in coupon code ''KONADOMANIA'' at the end of your purchase and your bill will smaller for -20%. Shipping for orders over 20 dolars is also free, even for international orders, that is really great, thank you Kathleen.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another KOTD

As I cooked today some huge amounts of stuffed peppers, I had to do my nails again. On Oriflame base coat I put 2 coats of OPI Oh... to be 25 again!, made a konadicure with Manhattan 301 limited edition and image plate 63. I finished with one coat of Essie g2g.
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It's a while since I've done some new manicure, so I had to do it today, as I had enough time. I used s-he 426 (2 coats over oriflame base coat), s-he 370 and image plate m63, at the end essie g2g.
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Monday, August 24, 2009

a bit improved KOTD

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vollare nail art polish pink


For today's konadicure I used oriflame base coat, essie FIJI (2 coats), konad black special nail polish, essie g2g top coat and image plate m61. The colour of fiji is in the sun almost white, although is pale pink.
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Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hmm, I think I'm becoming addicted to nail polishes and konad. I used to do my nails every 4 days, or at least until the nail polish sticked to the nails and the tips weren't visible.

Here is today's konadicure:
s-he 370 (one coat over base coat), manhattan crazy colours 301 and m57

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Thursday, August 20, 2009


After posting some of my old KOTD, I finally made some fresh one :) I used essence multi dimension dress to party (2 coats over base coat), konad violet pearl special polish and m57.

Yet another KOTD

Avon nail wear pro perfectly flesh (2 coats over base coat), oriflame visions quick dry mauve silk, m2

Love(ly) konadicure

Miss sporty 38, oriflame visions quick dry mauve silk, m2

Another french manicure

For this french manicure I used oriflame beauty french manicure soft pink and konad white special polish, and the image plate m44.

First double water marbling

As I am open to trying new things, I had to do water marbling too. For this marbling I used 3 OPI nail polishes. The shades used were: Alpine Snow, Nicole's Alert and Strawberry Margharita.
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First gradient manicure with sponge

This was my first gradient manicure done with a sponge. I used two shades of oriflame long wear nail polish, namely the shade black cherries (1 coat over base coat) and the shade orchid (sponging:).

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My first french konadicure

I painted the nails with mavala 83 nancy, then put on the tips manhattan crazy colours 301, and then stamped over image from the french manicure plate m44

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another konadicure

Posted by Picasasomething for the tips
m2, essence multi dimension 25, oriflame long wear nail polish black cherries


m8, essence multi dimension 25 diamonds&pearls, oriflame long wear nail polish black cherries
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3rd konadicure

Here is another one:

m2, oriflame beauty french manicure soft pink, oriflame long wear nail polish black cherries

2nd KOTD

As I was going to the sea side, I had to do my feet too. This was also my second konad attempt.
At that time I only had 3 image plates.

My first pedicure with konad:
image plate m2, essence SYF purple magic, oriflame long wear nail polish black cherries

It was hard to capture the images on the nails with a camera, but in the direct sunshine the images were visible very clearly.

My first KOTD

I must say that before I became a member of a cosmetics forum ARS COSMETICA, I did not have a clue about nail polishes and different types of manicures at all, with help of this forum I enlarged my knowledge on nail polishes and on other cosmetics themes. At the beginning, the number of my nail polishes was somewhat small, well today it is a bit larger though and it is still growing.
It was this forum where I got to know konad, and you cannot imagine how excited I was when I got my first konad kit (special thanks goes to anchek, would not make it without you), although it was ''just'' the S-kit and two additional plates. So I had to try it out immediately. As I sent some of my konadicures to Kathleen from OC Nail Art, she encouraged me to do a blog of my own. First I will show you some of my previously made konadicures.

Here are the results of my first attempt:

I used image plate m8, some old oriflame black cherries nail polish and konad white nail polish
(Sorry for a bit bad quality of the picture, as I am still learing how to take better pics with nail polishes)