Saturday, November 6, 2010

My stash :) warning pic heavy!

Hello, dear readers and followers, long time no hear from me:)

The work requires more of me than I've thought, so sorry for the lack of post :(

In the meantime I got a new storage place for my nail polishes, they were getting so many so I needed a new home for them. I bought a red metall container in Mömax (Austria) which I placed in our living room.

The total number of all polishes is 174, not so high right;)

Let's take a look at the collection.
The first pic is the stash before I began to re-organize it.

The second pic, my french manicure polishes:

My purples:

My pinks and berries:

My holos:

My reds:

My blues and greens:

My taupes, nudes and peachy colours:

My brown, black, silver and white colours:

My Konad stamping nail polishes (plus some other rather old ones):

My other nail polishes which I use primarily for stamping:

There're also 2 polishes in orange and coral, though I forgot to take pics of them.
My new ones (ready to be swatched):

Polishes which I tried but I don't like them anymore:) so they're going to be sold or given away:)

My treatments and top coats with some special polishes:

My collection of treatments, top coats, konad special polishes, image plates and other stuff needed for stamping organized in the drawer:

Other polishes which need to be tried and swatched:

That's it,  how do you organize your polishes? By colours, brands, types or any other way??

Thank you, dear readers and followers, have a nice and polished weekend:*
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