Saturday, April 24, 2010

Color club Worth the risque vs. China glaze OMG, Wild at heart vs. LOL - A comparison

Hey, dear readers:)

Hope you're having a great time at weekend. I'm so glad the holidays have started:)

As promised, here's the comparison of Color club Worth the risque and China glaze OMG. Both are silver holographic nail polishes, before I got the CC I thought I don't need it, but how wrong was I:D Both polishes are great, the application is flawless, the drying time is a bit better with CG OMG than with Worth the risque, but the holo effect is much better visible in OMG. Worth the risque has great coverage, perhaps one thicker coat would do whereas with OMG you need 2 coats to get the ful opacity. Both work great with konad, though the Worth the risque works a bit better for me.

As with Wild at heart and LOL I also asked myself whether is reasonable to have two purple holo polishes, and the answer is definetely YES:D Those two are never dupes, you have to have them both. Again, the holo effect is better visible in LOL, but the colours are different. Wild at heart is much darker than LOL, and Wild at heart covers in 1 coat, whereas LOL needs 2 but its drying time is a bit faster than with Wild at heart. Have to try them both on how they work with konad.

All the swatches on the colour wheel are 2 coats of each polish. The first picture which is also more colour accurate was taken in my lightbox with artificial light and flash. The second one indoors with flash.

Conclusion: I think you need them all, huh:D

Do you own which of the four polishes? Would you like to have some of them?

Thank you, dear readers and commenters, have a nice and polished day:*

All pictures are clickable:)
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