Thursday, October 1, 2009

U don't know HOLO until U've seen Nfu-OH :)

And I really mean it:) I thought OMG was so cool and holographic, but when I saw this Nfu-Oh it nearly killed me, all that holo goodness. I took some konad stuff to anchek (my favourite nail polish/konad supplier ;) without her I would not be able to order online. At that time I had OMG on my nails, we started talking and she offered me to try her Nfu-OH polish, I could not resist and painted it over OMG on one nail, surprized and amazed by the result I asked her if I can paint all my fingers:P Here is the result, although I forgot what the number of the polish was,  let me know if you know it:) Check this holographic effect, I'm in love<3 Do you like holographic polishes or own any of them? Thank you dear readers and commenters:* Have a nice polished day:)

This is my latest haul: s-he 427:)

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I'm somewhat into holographic nail polishes these days, and my first and I think that is won't be the last holographic nail polish is China glaze OMG. Over 1 coat of Nailtek f.2 I applied 2 coats of OMG, perhaps it would be better if there were 3 coats. I did not add a top coat because I think it kills the holographic effect a bit. The effect is best seen outdoors in the sun and under direct light. Do you like it? What do you think of holographic nail polishes? Have any favourite ones? Thank you dear readers and commenters:*

All pictures are clickable:)

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