Friday, September 18, 2009

French again KOTD

I recently got new plates from OC Nail Art, the plates I ordered are: m40, m60 and m19, the french plate, which are tried today. Over 1 coat of Nailtek foundation 2 I applied 1 coat of Oriflame French manicure in Soft pink and stamped it with french design and Konad special nail polish in white. Then I applied another coat of Soft pink and 1 coat of Essie g2g. I had to re-do few nails, as I misplaced the french design or hit somewhere with my nails, I think today is just not my konad-day:S. What do you think? Is it boring or just everyday manicure?:)

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Mattified KOTD

In one of the Body&Soul's posts I read that Nailtek foundation can be used to mattify nail polishes, of course I had to try it;), so  I present you yesterday's KOTD in matte. I applied Nailtek over 4 nails and over 1 nail I applied LOOKbybipa Matte hardender. Can you tell the difference and find out which nail was mattified with the hardener?;) Thank you for reading and commenting:*

And now 2 pictures for better comparison:)

All images are clickable;)

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