Thursday, September 17, 2009

Violet harlekin KOTD

I named today's konadicure ''Violet harlekin'' as the image reminds me of the harlekin's dress:) It could be also named ''NK Maribor'' manicure, just without the yellow colour (NK Maribor is a football club). Over 1 coat of Nailtek I applied 2 coats of SinfulColors Jasmine jazz, which was again painful to photograph:S. Then I stamped it with image from m60 and Konad special nail polish in violet pearl and to speed the drying process I added 1 coat of Essie g2g. Of course the colours are not as beautiful as in person, but what do you think of KOTD? Thank you for reading and commenting:*

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FOTD instead of KOTD ;)

As promised, I present you a recipe for a delicious dish - risotto with leek, zucchini and scampi:P, this is today's FOTD (Food of the day;). I never weigth ingredients for cooking, so please do not ask me how much of each ingredient is in it, I do it according to my intuition;) To speed up the preparation, cook the rice separately and add it to the mixture afterwards.
What you will need:
scampi (only the tails)
other spices of your choice
seasoning mixture (if you wish)
Fry sliced oniony until yellow, then add first scampi and leek and afterwards the zucchini and cook until soft, season it with salt, pepper, sliced garlic, cumin, origano and spices of your choice. At the end add cooked rice and let it for about 15 min to mixture the tastes, so the rice can soak the flavour of the previously made mixture. Bon appettit;) Hope I did not forget anything:P If you have questions, just ask me:)

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