Thursday, September 17, 2009

Violet harlekin KOTD

I named today's konadicure ''Violet harlekin'' as the image reminds me of the harlekin's dress:) It could be also named ''NK Maribor'' manicure, just without the yellow colour (NK Maribor is a football club). Over 1 coat of Nailtek I applied 2 coats of SinfulColors Jasmine jazz, which was again painful to photograph:S. Then I stamped it with image from m60 and Konad special nail polish in violet pearl and to speed the drying process I added 1 coat of Essie g2g. Of course the colours are not as beautiful as in person, but what do you think of KOTD? Thank you for reading and commenting:*

All images are clickable;)

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  1. Looks just perfect! I hope I'll learn to do even something with Konad... :D

  2. That is beautiful! As soon as I get Konad, M60 is going to be the first plate I get!

  3. Vijoleee :))
    tole je pa najlepši konad! krasno!!! komaj čakam, da doim to platko!

  4. This is beautiful! Gorgeous colours and a neat and perfect Konad. Well done - I love it. xx

  5. What a lovely manicure. I like the tow shades that you used. Your nails look lovely. I love that Konad plate also.

  6. wow!! those were nice combi.. love it.. purplelicious!!

  7. @Nea, thank you, you will learn quickly how to master konad, it's not difficult;)

    @gildeangel,thank you, you won't regret buying this plate, it's really great

    @Nati, kaj ti tudi navijaš za NK Maribor, mogoče?;)

    @Danielle, thank you for compliments

    @Lucy, thanks, I feel very flattered:)

    @thriszha, glad you like it:*


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