Saturday, June 2, 2012

BACK from the dead! Giveaway winner and update on the me :)

Dear Readers and Followers,

Hope you still remember me :)

I know it has been far too long since my last post, but so many things happened in my life.

Let give you a brief up-date to let you know what was going on while I was away.

First of all, I went to a summer school on Contemporary English in Cambridge last summer for 2 weeks.

As I knew that at school  where I worked wouldn't be place for me after my mentor returned from her maternity leave, 

my boyfriend and I decided to move away from his parents into our own home, so we bought a flat and started re-decorating it. It took  quite a while and had us totally busy as we mostly did everything by ourselves, but the end effect was of course worth it.

So I lost my job, but we got our own apartment :) 

For a while I worked in Austria, however, the distance was just too far for everyday drive, and the moving away of course couldn't be considered, as we just moved into out new flat.

Then after a few weeks of thinking, whining :) and such I finally started doing what I learned for - translating, and so far things have gone pretty well (for a month or so). Thus I translate mainly from English / German into my mother tongue Slovenian.

I know I have some unfinished business to attend to, I have already picked the winner from my last year's giveaway (there were so many entries I had to take a lot of time to sort them all out, then I chose the Random number generator to pick a number), and this is the person behind it:

drum roll
Saori from Saori's Nail Art, just love her imagination and style! Check out her blog:)
Congratulations, sweety!
I will send you the email for confirmation.

So these were my past ''sins'', I did not give up polishing so expect some more pics and nail art from me in the future as well as some exciting reviews.

Love you all!

Till next time, kisses and hugs!

Anita alias KONADomania

EDIT: I'm just getting familiar with the new blogger, quite many new features! Have to get used to them:)