Thursday, August 20, 2009

My first KOTD

I must say that before I became a member of a cosmetics forum ARS COSMETICA, I did not have a clue about nail polishes and different types of manicures at all, with help of this forum I enlarged my knowledge on nail polishes and on other cosmetics themes. At the beginning, the number of my nail polishes was somewhat small, well today it is a bit larger though and it is still growing.
It was this forum where I got to know konad, and you cannot imagine how excited I was when I got my first konad kit (special thanks goes to anchek, would not make it without you), although it was ''just'' the S-kit and two additional plates. So I had to try it out immediately. As I sent some of my konadicures to Kathleen from OC Nail Art, she encouraged me to do a blog of my own. First I will show you some of my previously made konadicures.

Here are the results of my first attempt:

I used image plate m8, some old oriflame black cherries nail polish and konad white nail polish
(Sorry for a bit bad quality of the picture, as I am still learing how to take better pics with nail polishes)


  1. That's a pretty vampy nail polish. I love the floral pattern. I think you've done an excellent job for your first attempt.

  2. I just love those vampy colours:) thanks for commenting


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