Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Swap with Tuli, lots and lots of polishes:)

Not so long ago, my fellow blogger and dear friend Tuli from Tuli's Nail Polishes&stuff  and I decided to do a polish exchange or just swap:) Check her post on the swap;) I have to say that was also my very first swap, have never done it before, so I was super excited about it.

We agreed to swap 5 polishes and some other goods. So imagine how I was surprized when I received a large or better to say huge package from her. She sent me 9, omg couldn't believe my eyes when I've opened the package, different polishes. Everything she sent me was packed in the cutest box on Earth, Betty Boop, see it under the post.

The second picture gives you all the stuff she sent me, from nail care accesories, eye shadow, and of course sweets and other goodies from her country. No sweets are left, I must admit, my BF and I ate everything, and it was delicious:P

On to the polishes; Tuli sent me as I said whole 9 polishes, wow! The polishes on the 3rd picture are from left to right  Andrea 15 (gorgeous lilac colour), Jade 356 (amazing dark purple with purple and pink shimmer, reminds me a bit of Essie Sexy divide), Jade 361 (I think it's duochrome dusty shimmery pink and taupe, mauve, don't know how to describe it, as it's so great!), Chic 268 (very dark almost black  creme purple, eggplant colour).

On the last pictures there are Careline 309 (very light pink with silver glitter), Careline 355 (burgundy red colour with copper shimmer), Careline 335 (bright timeless classic red), Jade 352 (berry cream), and Jade 315 (bright red with gold, pink shimmer).

Tuli has chosen just the right colours for me, as though I would have done it myself. Thank you so much, you're a true sweetheart and I'm looking forward to doing another swap:*

All of the colours look simply amazing! I'll post the swatches tomorrow, as my camera and I weren't on good terms today:)

I would also like to inform you, if you don't know yet, she is having a GREAT Valentine giveaway going on. Check her blog for more details:) Prizes are to die for<3

All images are clickable:)
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  1. It was so fun to do this swap with you - I love everything that you've sent me and I'm so glad I had a chance to meet a new sweet friend like you :-)

    Thank you so much for everything and I can't wait for our next swap <3


  2. Ohh, you're a true sweety, thank you:* It was surely great to do it!

  3. What a fun swap! I can't wait to see some of your new pretties on!

  4. Andrea, yes, it was such a fun indeed! Thanks:*
    First there'll be swatches on colour wheels, and then on my nails:)

  5. Thanks, gildedangel:* can't wait to try them all!

  6. Aww, look how pretty and creative! I'm excited - she's done a swap with me too! Tuli is such a sweetie.

  7. You should be:P She told me you had a swap thing going too:) Can't wait to see what you'll get! She's really sweet indeed!

  8. Super cute swap!! Tuli is so nice!
    Everything looks so pretty and yummy ;)!

  9. It sure was yummy;) I'm so happy to have done it:) Tuli rocks!

  10. She's the sweetest person, isn't she? Great goodies, and I absolutely adore those Betty Boop boxes!

  11. She really is! So do I, the box is super cute:)

  12. That has got to be the cutest box ever! That was so sweet of Tuli! And ever better, the goodies inside! Enjoy! :D


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