Saturday, March 6, 2010

Important Konad news and a BIG thanks to you, my dear followers


long time no hear, I'm terribly sorry about that, but I had a deadline for a translation job I had to finish and finally I've made it, have to say what a week this was:)

As you've probably heard OC NAIL ART will no longer be able to accept all the coupon codes which are available around the web. The last to day to use your code is today, so if you've planned to order some great stuff go ahead and still get -30% on all Konad goods. You can still use a code (mine is KONADOMANIA, or any other code) at the check-out and get the discount.

I would also like to thank you, my dear followers and readers, and kindly welcome all the new ones! I really appreciate you following me, and each time I see a new follower I get so excited:) Big thanks and kisses

I promise to post new stuff soon, I've already made some new manicures, and especially konadicures;) As a matter of speaking I'm going to polish my nails right now, as there was not enough time during the week, and man those polishes Tuli sent me are really amazing, I have one on my nails for about 7 days and still no chipping, how cool is that!

Sending you my love and hugs, have a great and polished weekend:*


  1. Yes, oh well that Konad makes me sad!, all the cupons gone sniff!!

  2. At least OC Nail Art has that lovely free shipping after $20!
    I love getting new followers too. ^.^

  3. I hope this week would be easier for you :-)

    Can't wait to see your new designs <3

  4. Arie, I know what you mean:(

    Skulda, yes free shipping in the USA:) I have to buy over 40 dollars to get it;)

    Tuli, thank you, dear:* I hope too:)


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