Tuesday, March 23, 2010

GIVEAWAY WINNER and 10 things that make me happy tag

I'm super excited to announce the winner of my 300+ followers giveaway:) Hope you're too:P

More than 200 followers took part in the giveaway with 449 entries, I've checked each one of them for following, and there were also some who said they follow but they didn't, so these entries weren't valid.

With the help of Random.org I chose the winner. On to the pics to prove it:

And under number 182 is smALTy

Congratulations, I'll send you an email ASAP, or  you can send it to me too, with all the information regarding the adress.

Thank you all  who participated in the giveaway, this blog wouldn't b the same without YOU:* I really enjoy reading and answering your comments, and receiving your feedback, thanks a lot:*

On to the tag, I know I'm a bit late on doing it, but never mind, better later than never:)  I was also tagged by sweet Klaudia, check out her make-up blog:) for I love you blog award and also by lovely Romika  for the 10 things that make me happy tag. Thank you, dear:*

SO here they are:

1. My BF

2. My family

3. My friends

4. Karate

5. Nail polishing and konading (how surprizing is that :D

6. Blog KONADomania and You, my dear followers and readers

7. Painting (I've just finished painting our living room:) I also drew something on the wall

8. Cooking and baking

9. Skiing (my newly discovered sport)

10. Dancing

I tag in no particular order the Slovene co-bloggers:)

Hope I have not forgotten anyone, please remind me consider yourself tagged, I'm almost running through the doors now, as we have a meeting for mother's day at school:)

Thank you, dear readers and followers, have a nice and polished day:*


  1. Congratulations to the winner!

    Thank you for the tag :)

  2. Congrats to Smalty and I liked reading more about you. You need to share a photo of the wall you drew on!

  3. Congrats smALty!!

    And thanks for the tag<3 I'll do it as soon as I can. :D

  4. Congrats to Smalty and thanks for tagging me! :*

  5. Congratulations to Smalty! That was a fantastic giveaway. :) That was an interesting list of things that make you happy! Thank you for sharing this with your readers. Nope, that list would never be complete without No. 5! Heh heh! I would love to see your work of art on your wall. :D

  6. Elizabeth, I'll photograph the wall in the next days, but it'll be a bit difficult to capture the true colours as they're purple:)

    Witoxicity, thanks, I'll post it in one of my next entries:)

  7. OMG!!!!!! I just read your message (I forgot to check on my email last days)...
    Thank you and Kathleen! I am so happy and excited and...
    Wow (I cannot think anything than "wow" now)!

  8. I'm really glad you enjoy the prize so much:) Can't wait to get everything bought and shipped to you:)


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