Wednesday, March 24, 2010

OPI Dim sum plum wild konadicure

Hey, how are you doing?

I'm having a busy week at work, hence lack of posts and comments on other blogs:(

Here is the last one from the Tiny takeouts,OPI Hong Kong collection (sent to by ZaPikoNaI), with the konadicure, namely OPI Dim sum plum. I used Konad special nail polish in black and konad im m57.

What do you think of the colour combination?

Thank you, dear readers and commenters, have a nice and polished day:*

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indoors with flash

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  1. This is a perfect combo. Beautiful nails,

  2. This is perfect ! I love that mix, and I adore Dim Sum plum :D

  3. Looks awesome!! this is my favorite mani with the zebra plate - I love doing hot pink with black. I did this same design in November with Zoya Jewell and I am amazed by how similar Jewell looks to Dim Sum Plum!

  4. I love Dim Sum Plum, the konad looks awesome too :)

  5. Ohhh Dim Sum Plum is already gorgeous and with that Konad its even more amazing. I need to wear this soon!

  6. Lepo si odtisnila vzorec =) Meni se vedno kaj zamakne...

    Čista perfekcija!<3

  7. I don't really like this colour but this is beautiful! Your nails are gorgeous, I wish mine looked like yours! :)

  8. I must to try it one day, I love this design ^^

  9. This is gorgeous ! I love everything about it :-)

  10. Susie, thanks a lot:*

    Ayuu, I love it too:) thank you:*

    Brooke, pink rocks with black zebra, I agree:) thanks:*

    BabyD, thank you:*

    Klaudia, thanks:*

    Twister, thank you:*

    Tassa, hvala:*

    Jessica, yes, and show us your pics then:) thanks:*

    smALtY, thank you:*

    Tiana, hvala ti:) veliko vaje;)

    Jenny, thanks a lot:* mine also did not look in the past as they look now;)

    Saori, thanks:*

    Tuli, thanks sweetie:*

  11. Love this combo! The black is stiking on Dim sum plum. Looks like ill be adding this color to my wishlist! Love it!:)

  12. Polish&Konad, thanks a lot:* I't a beautiful colour indeed:)

    Camy, thank you:*

  13. Your nails are gorgeous but I'm sorry, this is just soooo tacky. Looks like someone I'd see wandering around Big Lots or the Dollar store. :-( But you do have beautiful nails.

  14. Thank you, dear anonymous reader:) Though I must say, the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and isn't it interesting that we hide behind anonymity when when want to criticize:) I appreciate your directness, but I have to say that I made this konadicure only for blog purposes and did not wear it in public, as well as that animal prints are extremely fashionable this year;) The right combination makes it all!


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