Saturday, March 20, 2010

OPI Read my fortune cookie red&black konadicure and LAST call for entering my GIVEAWAY

Hey, my lovelies:)

How are you? Finally is weekend and some time to relax, hurray:P

Today I've got a konadicure I did with OPI Read my fortune cookie from the Hong Kong collection, other 2 can be seen HERE. I used konad special nail polish in black and konad im m21. I also painted one nail with China glaze Liquid leather.

Do you like the end result? Have you used the m21 yet if you have one?

There's still enough time to enter my 300+ giveaway, you've got time till 21st March 24.00 Slovenia time, good luck:*

Thank you, dear readers and followers have a nice and polished day:*

in the sun, no flash

indoors with flash

indoors, sun, no flash

lightbox, artif. light no flash

All images are clickable:)
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  1. yay black and red! I want that plate :D

  2. Really nice. I love the SPLAT design. :)

  3. Zelo dobro si tole skombinirala. Meni je zelo všeč. :) In mi je kar malce žal, da nimam te plate. :(

  4. That Konad plate is great! Love the manicure especially the CHG Liquid Leather! WOW!

  5. tole je pa noro lepo <3
    že vidim da bom čisto skopirala celotno manikuro =)

  6. Super, zelo mi je všeč tale ideja! :)

  7. That looks great. Nice konad. I think I wanna have this plate too.
    Love the black and red.
    Tried something simular today ut it didn't worked out so nice. So I had to do something else. Maybe some next time I'll try the black and red again.

  8. Mmmmmm, I love it! The splat design is my favourite small stamp - I usually use it for blood splatter :D

  9. BabyD, thanks, I love it too:*

    technopathetic, thank you:*

    Susie, so do I:) thanks:*

    Tassa, hvala:* je super platka:)

    R3Beauty, thank you:* Liquid leather is great too, I've used it for the first time

    Anček, hvala, ti kar:*

    Biba, hvala ti:*

    Romika, I'm sure your manicure will be just fab:) thank you:*

    Jenny, have to try that:) thanks:*

    Klaudia, thanks a lot:*

    Saori, don't you just love it, haha;)

  10. There is an award waiting for you on my blog :)


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