Sunday, July 25, 2010

My first Zoya in Isla - swatch and NOTD (ps. warning pics overload)

 Hello, dear readers and followers:)

On to today's NOTD. I got this gorgeous polish in my swap with Elisabeth from Lacquered Lizard. It gorgeous shimmery red, the finish sometimes looks as it were metallic though it's not really. It's a 2-coater and it applied perfectly and it dried also pretty fast. I had no troubles applying it, the pics you see aren't pre-cleaned.

This is my very first Zoya nail polish I've tried and I have to say I'm so pleased with the formula and the brush! Great!

What do you think of this polish? Do you own it too? Want it? What's your favourite  Zoya nail polish?

Thank you, dear readers and followers:*

A bonus picture because the post did not consist of many :D

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  1. Great colour (^_^)

  2. How I love these reds, and shimmer is just stunning!

  3. I love this color, looks great on you (the last picture is lovely!); I only own three Zoyas and couldn't chose between them I really like this brand (formula, colors).

  4. This is such a nice rich colour :)

  5. Becky, thank you:*

    ThRiSzHa, thanks dear:*

    Day, so true:) thank you:*

    smALty, thanks a lot:* I own 4 of them, and they're all GREAT:)

    Spaceinvaders, thank you:*

  6. I have this color too--so pretty!

  7. It's really gorgeous on you ! That kind of red is always very classy :)

  8. Pretty red :) The more pictures, the merrier :D

  9. Gwenn, thanks a lot:* have to love the reds, right;)

    Jen, thank you:* glad you like the amount of taken pics;)

  10. I also love this color! I am hooked on the Zoya brand and the colors are just beautiful. This will be the start of a beautiful relationship for you!


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