Thursday, June 17, 2010

Completely matte Zulu and let's french it up

Hi, dear readers and followers:)

I showed you Essence Zulu yesterday and a comparison with China glaze Matte magic on 2 nails, but today I've mattified the whole manicure. As I just couldn't stop at this stage I had to add some glossy top coat to  the tips to create a french look, the top coat used is INM OutTheDoor.

I really like the end result, how about you?

Thank you, dear readers and followers, have a nice and polished day:*

All images are clickable:)
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  1. Ooo tega se pa nisem spomnila! Zelo lepo! :)

  2. Subtle but very cool. Nice job!

  3. I so love this! I was planning to do this manicure for weekend with matte deep red :) I actually loved this color more and your mani looks great :)

  4. Perfect for the weather we're having in Spain

  5. sploh ti ne morem povedat, kolk mi je ta lakec lep!! <3 matiran, gloss, pol mat in konice... SUPER!! <3

  6. waauu ušeč mi je;). in tole s konico si super naredila.

  7. I like the result, original & discret

  8. Helena, pa kdaj drugič;) hvala:*

    Kimberly, thank you:*

    Marjo, thanks a lot:*

    Becky, perfect for SLovenia's weather too:D thank you:*

    Twister, thanks:*

    mancina, hvalaaaaa:*

    Anna, hvala lepa:*

    Saori, thank you:*

  9. I like this a lot! I have been meaning to try it out myself actually!

  10. Great idea, it looks fabulous.

  11. Shiny!, thank you:*

    'chelle, waiting for your pics:P thanks:*

  12. Živjo!
    Zelo mi je všeč lak China glaze Matte magic...sem iskala že na strani nisem najdla :(

    Še eno vprašanje....Ali imaš kaj izkušenj z konad regular laki?

    P.S.:Zelo lepa kombinacija, mi je zelo všeč :)

  13. Hej:)

    morda jim pošljem kakšen email in povprašaš po njem, morda pa ga bodo dodali v ponudbo.

    Konad regular lake pa še nisem preizkusila :)

    hvala ti:*


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