Thursday, October 15, 2009

My very first frankenpolish or franky:)

Seeing all those beautiful franken polishes by you-blogggers, I just had to mix something myself;) So here is my first franky mixed from S-he 427, China glaze OMG and Essence Show your feet Purple magic. As you can see it's holographic. Really love the colour, what about you? Do you like it? Have any names for this shade? Thank you dear readers and commenters, nice and polished day to you all:*

Matching t-shirt, it's more matching in real life as  in the picture;)

All images are clickable:)
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  1. Very pretty! It reminds me of SH Prisms Purple Diamond, but a bit darker. Hmmm...for a name? I am not very good at naming things. How about Frankenholo? IDK! :)

  2. Awesome job!
    That's just gorgeous!
    I'd help with a name but I'm never creative under pressure! LOL

  3. This is just lovely! If I made it, I would be lazy and tag it, "OMG Purple!" I lose my wit under pressure...

  4. Great! A real beauty! As you can see from my blog I can't remember one good name for my franken and so I can't help you. I guess I have mental blockade from listenin to much classes at my school LOL. But I would go with OMG Purple as Mighty Lambshop said.

  5. So beautiful!

  6. This turned out very pretty. I think she should be called Pretty Baby. Looks lovely on you.

  7. Lavender breeze... Or something like that. :)
    It's great color! :)

  8. Thank you my dears:* I'm really glad you like it! Sorry for a bit late reply, but I took part in a translators' symposium and yesterday I had a karate competition:) New pictures and manicures are coming soon.

    Great name suggestions you gave:) Cannot decide which one I should give to this franken.



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