Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine manicure #2: Gradient and stamping KOTD

Hello, dear readers and followers,

here's another Valentine's manicure, the base is still Ingrid Cosmetics Ice cube in 354 (swatched HERE). Then I took a sponge and applied Konad special nail polish in white to the edges.

For the motiv I used image plate m59 and Konad special nail polish in red. I had to use 2 double stampers, because I had to turn the image around. Finally, I added 1 coat of Konad special top coat to seal everything up.

How do you like the combination? Have you chosen your Valentine's manicure yet?

Thank you, dear readers and followers, have a nice and polished day:*

All images are clickable:)

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  1. Kako srčki naredijo manikuro res za valentinovo, ker brez je pa popolna božična. :) Lepo. :)

  2. What a simple but pretty mani! Love it <3

  3. Cute! It reminds me of valentines with the paper doilies on them :)

  4. Prekrasno. Ne zameri, ampak mislim, da bom kar tole idejo kopirala za svojo valentinovo manikuro, ker me je res navdušila. :)

  5. this is gorgeous!!! :) its still stunning even without the stamps, looks like snow :D

  6. That stamping is so cute ! I love the idea of stamping a color similar to the base one on a sponged polish ..

  7. Ivana, res je tak božičkast lak:) hvala:*

    Sharon, thanks:*

    GabZ1985, thank you:*

    Melanie, thanks:*

    Taya, ti kar uporabi;) hvala lepa:*

    Diava, thanks a lot:*

    Gwen, thank you:* I love it too:)

  8. It looks really nice I love it :D Beautiful red color.

  9. -Diana-, thanks a lot:*

    nail crazy, pune ti hvala:*

  10. the nails look so cuteeeee <3

  11. Wouldn't theses colors work oh so well for christmas too !
    I mean your nails look juste perfectly snowy !
    I'll make sure to remember this for the end of year ! :D

  12. Thanks! I'm sure they would be perfect, too:)


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