Thursday, December 9, 2010

Look what I got:) huge amount of nail art supplies

Hello, dear readers and followers,

long time no hear or see from me:( I'm sorry, I really am, but my first year as a teacher really requires a lot of work and effort to be put into, to prepare all the needed material, powerpoints, etc. But enough about the work, let's get to the fun part, right;)

I while ago I was contacted by super friendly Jessica from the Born pretty store. A web site which carries various beauty and nail art products. I was given the option to choose among their products, and I chose the package of 100 fimo canes (which also included  2 spare rhinestone cases, a glue, as well as a great cutter for fimo canes (they're 10 in the package, so I suppose it really last long), love how you thin you can cut the canes!) and 3 x Nail Art Rhinestone Nail Art Lot Dotting pen W Glue (it comprises a set of dotting tools with 3 wheels of rhinestones in the shape of hearts, stars and the regular -circle ones, as well as 4 nail glues. I also got a bunch of orangewood sticks,  And also a piece of paper with transparent foil over it, there're some white spots on it, I don't know what it's for, but I suppose they're water decals, hmmm, have to figure it out:) The service is great, the package is delivered from Hong Kong, and it took it about 14 days to get to Slovenia.

This package is the biggest nail art supply I've ever got, can't wait to try everything out!

How about you? Which ones do you fancy the most? What do you think of the paper covered with foil? Could it be water decals? What are you personal experiences with nail art products? Which ones are a must have?

Thank you,dear readers and followers, have a nice and polished day:*
Let's look at the photos, right;)

*the products in this post were supplied by a nail art company in exchange for my honest opinion, for further information please read my disclosure policy
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  1. Wow, you got spoiled! I've been eyeing Born Pretty for about a month now but am going to wait until after the Christmas season to treat myself.

  2. Those Fimo canes are so awesome! and the rest, too! I got a package from bornprettystore too, Jessica is really sweet :) I also got waterdecals from her, with little christmas bears on them! haven't ever tried water decals, I'll try them soon!

  3. Looks great. 14 days? I've been waiting 15 days for my order from there:(

  4. wow! those are a lot! you are so lucky:D

  5. I can't wait to see your new designs!
    I've never used fimo canes before, but they look really pretty! You can get very creative with them, I guess...

  6. great nail art stuffs..maybe the transparent foil is a nail sealer for broken nails...

  7. Thank you, Ladies:*

    Millie, hope you're package comes soon!

  8. Jackie, couldn't agree more:) thank you:*

  9. I am a teacher too! This year I moved to another school. I understand your load of work!

  10. appm81, so we're in together;) and I've started teaching this year, so there's really lot of things to do and prepare:)


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