Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer nails - Ulta3 Watermelon swatch and some summer memories

Hello, dear readers and followers:)


Today I've got for you the manicure I wore when I was at the sea side during my vacation. The colour I chose was Ulta3 in Watermelon, lovely coral cream colour which I got in my swap with 'chelle from Cosmetic Cupcake. There are 2 coats in the pictures and no top coat.  I had no application troubles. The polish dried fairly quickly. This is my very first nail polish in coral,  I did not own any before:)

As for the name, I just had to take some photos with fresh and juicy watermelon in my hands, delicious :P

How do you like coral colours? Have any favourites? What do you think of this one?

Thank you, dear readers and followers, have a nice and polished weekend:*

outdoors, full sun

outdoors, full sun

taken at the sun down

And some bonus pics (I know I'm boring:D, but I thought I just might post them too)

Sunset at the Croatian island Mali Lošinj in the Adriatic sea

All images are clickable:)
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  1. this is really nice light coral I have some corals.. but I think I tend to go for the same color.. meaning many dupes.. ehh that's why i started a blog.. to document my colors.. and remind myself to buy different colors. it's still thursday here in california.. though... lol

  2. That Polish Is A Hot Color!

  3. Gorgeous colour!! I really like this coral!

  4. watermelon look so delicious, like the color of nail polish! and very pretty sunset! =)

  5. I am hungry! It looks perfect together (watermelon with your nail polish and sunset). I want to go to Croatia, it rains in Czech Republic.

  6. i like the color a lot!
    and the sunset pics are wonderful

  7. Pretty, thank you:* I'm off to check yours. Well, it's Friday in Slovenia, and at this time surely in California too;)

    Simple Beauty, thanks:*

    Lisa, thank you:*

    Tara, thanks:*

    Mae, glad you like it all, thank you:*

    Day, I am hungry too, looking at those pics and remembering what a great time I had there:D thanks:*

    maRyya, thanks a lot:*

  8. Čudovita slika, ne vem bi raje pojedla nohte ali lubenico =P

  9. WOW this colour is simply beautiful on you!! You wear it SO well! I'm glad it's something different in your polish collection =)

    The watermelon looks so yummy!

  10. colorfulbottle, tudi jaz sem premišljevala kaj bi :D hvala:*

    'chelle, thanks a lot:*


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