Tuesday, June 1, 2010

As promised: My other ''work of art''

Hello, dear readers and followers:)

How are you feeling? Having some lively colours on your nails?

I promised once to show you how I decorated our living room with some colours. I painted the cherry tree branch on the wall and a rectangle behind the television; the colour of the pestils and the rectangle matches of course;) So here are the pictures, let them speak for themselves;)

What do you think of the combination? Have you painted your rooms too? What colours did you use? Are you DIY type of person? Or do you prefer someone else to do it instead?

Thank you, dear readers and followers, have a nice and polished day:*

a bonus photo of my orchids and matching curtains:)

All images are clickable:)
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  1. wow, this is gorgeous!! I've always wanted to do decorative painting on my walls but I am TERRIFIED of making a complete mess of everything. If I knew it would turn out this great, I would totally go for it!! I really, really love this. I saw a decorating show where they painted an entire tree (using dark, shadow shades) on a wall - it looked GREAT. Very similar to what you did. I really like this :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Super je! Jaz sem definitivno DIY tip človeka. Sama sem prebarvala sobo, postavila laminat (ok fant pomagal) in še kaj. Že nekaj časa se odločam da bi kaj narisala na steno in nekako ne zberem poguma. To si uporabila kak "stencil" al je bilo prostoročno?

  3. I like it!
    I've been planning to make something like your flowers on my wall too!

  4. Brooke, the effect and the satisfaction you have afterwards is definetely worth it, it wasn't really that messy as I covered everything:) thanks a lot for your comment:*

    Helena, vse je prostoročno narisano, edino kar sem si pomagala, da sem najprej s svinčnikom zarisala linije, nato pa jih dopolnila z barvo, kje popravila, itd. tudi sama rada lastnoročno, kaj naredim, sem tudi kitala stene, haha;D mam potem krasen občutek, ko nekaj sama delam. hvala ti:*

    you nailed it, thank you:* looking forward to seeing your pics:)

  5. It looks awesome! I like it lot :)

  6. That looks really great! :)My hubby and I did similar squares and shapes around our old apartment! It ads so much fun to a room without having to paint everything.

  7. Biba, thank you:*

    Sarah, will you share the pics? I agree with you on the effect it creates, ans it's really great to do it yourself:) thanks:*

  8. I love it! Gosh you are so talented and artistic. I've seen nail wall stickers that look like that but you painted it yourself, so awesome!

    If I fly you to Sydney, would you paint my room/house for me???

  9. Michelle, you made me blush:) thank you:*
    no problem, but I've drawn only cherry trees up till now:D

  10. This is totally cool, you are very artistic :)

  11. I love that sooo gorgeous cherry tree branch !
    I'd love to have my rooms decorated like this, but I have some renovation to do before :)

  12. Wow, you painted that yourself?! That's so beautiful! Well done, I say. :D

  13. I like cherry tree branch. Good job.


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