Saturday, May 8, 2010

Swap, anyone??? :)

Hello, dear readers:)

How are you today? Feeling great?

I was wondering if anyone of you, my lovely readers, would be interested in swapping some nail polishes and other nail art stuff? I'm mostly interested in Color Club, Diamond cosmetics, Claire Mood polishes (especially the purple one <3 ), China glaze, Essie, OPI, etc. other brands that are not available where I live and some flakies of course, which are my lemming:P

The polishes I can send are Essence, S-he, Catrice (I've got only 2 from their LE), Vollare, Miss Sporty, H&M, and perhaps some other unknown brands. I'm going to Austria on Monday, so if you want me to get you some polishes from the Catrice line or H&M (they have added some gorgeous colours to their regular line, you can check the fellow European bloggers for the shades), let me know.

So what do you think? Yay or nay? Let me know or drop me an email if you're for it:)

Thank you, dear readers and followers:*


  1. :D pa še Artdeco je tu na voljo ;P Jooj jaz bi tudi imela Claire Mood lake... <3<3<3 Veliko sreče s swapanjem! =D

  2. Jst bi tuuudi Calire mood lakce :) Unega zelenca si kar ne morem in ne morem izbit iz glave. Pa Catrice lakci ... Pa H&M.

    Veš kaj tu je moj mail, da se kaj konkretnega zmeniva(želim si ena dva+ Catrice in enega H&M pa še kaj):

  3. where are you going to austria? if you're coming to vienna, check out the shop where they sell the p2 polishes (i can give you the adress/directions if you'd like) ;)

  4. Doesn't H&M sell clothing?? Just wondaring because I would like to swap nail polishes for clothing! I can get Essie/Opi and anything else =]

  5. I'd be interested in swapping. I'm in Canada if you're interested in any Canadian brand but I also have access to most American brands too.

  6. Tamara, tebe tudi zanima?? ;)

    Tiana, upam, da uspe dobiti te lepotce :P

    R3Beauty, I've answered you email:)

    Helena, poglej na mail:)

    Alisa, surely:) I would love to try something new
    amusedPolish, I'm going to Graz, so no p2 polishes for me:( but thank you for your help!

    Keisha, hat are you interested in? is there anything particular you would like to get from H&M? drop me an email fast :)

  7. I would love to swap, but I can only get Andreia, Risque and some Dote polishes - Portuguese and brasilian brands.


  8. This sounds wonderful!! I live in Australia so I don't have access to lots of brands but I can get great Aussie brands like BYS, Ulta 3 and Glitter Gal and the others like China Glaze, Essie and Orly.

    I would be very interested in doing swaps!! Especially for all the fantastic Essence nail art stuff and H&M


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