Friday, May 28, 2010

First summer pedicure with Essence SYF - 'cause I love it bright

Hello, dear readers and followers:)

Please don't be scared, as I've got some pics of my latest pedicure to share with you;) I used Essence Show your feet in Hot red. Gorgeous bright red cream colour. There are 2 coats in the pictures and 1 coat of INM OutTheDoor topcoat over it. The flash made my skin look just too pale, my feet aren't really that white, haha.

What do you think of the colour? And what polish are you wearing on your toes?

Thank you, dear readers and followers, have a nice and polished weekend:*

Eventhough the pics are clickable, I don't think you should enlarge them:D
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  1. I like the red...I'm wearing opi DS Original on my toes right you ever konad on your toes?

  2. That's a really nice colour! Looks fabulous!

  3. Right now I'm wearing Maybelline Rainyday Red on my toes and loving it! Another recent favorite is Maybelline Cherry Carats (both are from the Express Finish line in the old bottles.)

  4. Patricia, thank you:* and yes, I do konad my toes, too:) I'll do a konadicure in short

    Sarah, thanks:*

    Tassa, res je, ful je huda tale barva:) hvala:*

    Crystal Polish, red is great for pedicures:) thanks:*

  5. I just love your toenails. They are so sexy! Right now I'm wearing opi perfectly red on my toenails, and I could suck my own feet right now, that's how sexy they are. Fuck, being a girl rocks!

  6. Ohh, you made me blush:)
    Thank you!


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