Sunday, April 4, 2010

Romantique: China glaze Devotion swatch

 Hello, dear readers:)

Happy Easter to you all!

I'm sure you've seen this polish a lot of times, but this is my first time to used it for a whole manicure. Until now I've used it only for konadicures and I have to say that before I bought Millenium this polish was my number 1 stamping silver polish, here's China glaze Devotion:)

There are 2 coats in the pictures, the drying time was pretty fast, though you can see some streaks. The colour is silver lavender like, hard to capture in photos, as with flash it always looks like pure metallic silver but I assure you the lavender is clearly visible in person. The first 2 pics were taken in lightbox, first no flash and the second with it. The last picture was also taken indoors and with flash in natural light.

What are your experiences with Romantique collection? Which polishes you own? Or would like to have?

I think this one looks great, and I'm planning to add a konad to it too:)

Thank you, dear readers and commenters, have a nice and polished day:* and Happy holidays XOXO

All images are clickable:)
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  1. Nekdo je pa danes romantično razpoložen... :D

    Imam nekaj lakcev iz kolekcije Romantique in jih največkrat uporabljam za konad (tudi lakci iz Khrome kolekcije se pri meni znajdejo samo v konad kombinaciji). :)

    Drugače ti pa tale super paše.

  2. i love this color !!
    i have a lot of polish of this collection perfect for konading !!!

  3. I love the Romantique collection. Well, what I've used of it.
    I have the COOL collection and used a few. They are so pretty.
    Great manicure and can't wait to see the Konading you do,

  4. Tassa, je treba včasih bit;) enako pri meni:) hvala ti:*

    Lily nail, thank you:* I agree with you!

    Susie, thanks:* I'll post it tomorrow:P

  5. Happy Easter to you, I love Devotion! I haven't worn it alone, but I will often gaze at it's loveliness in the bottle. :)

  6. Ojoj, iz te kolekcije bi pa imela kar vse! <3 Lepo ti paše tale Devotion, ni kaj!
    Sama imam Adore in Harmony. Res dobro služijo vsi iz te kolekcije za konadiranje. Pa tako lepo se svetijo na sončku<3

  7. I don't any of that collection, but I really do think they're pretty. My mom has a few, and I'm planning on stealing them some day ;-D

    Devotion looks really good on you!

  8. Elizabeth, you should give it a try;) thank you:*

    Tiana,hvala lepa:* res so krasni!

    Michele, they're worth buying if not for themselves for konading definetely:) waiting to see your swatches! thank you:*

  9. Very Pretty! I love the metals!
    Happy Easter!


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