Monday, April 19, 2010

My first Color club polishes - haul

Hey, dear readers:) 

I had a busy weekend, we prepared a surprize party and I made a special cake for this occasion. It was in the form of a farm tractor. If you wish I can do a post on it, but it will be picture heavy:) Let me know if you want to see it. I'm still super busy these days, but new posts are coming;)

I also got my very first Color club polishes, wow I'm super excited to try them out. A big thanks goes to Anchek from Rainbows and Blues blog! If it wasn't for her, I would never have gotten these polishes.

Do you own any CC polishes? How are you satisfied with the quality? Do you have any of the shades in the pics?

Thank you, dear readers and followers, have a nice and polished day:*

Wild at heart, Worth the risque, Love'em or leave'em, Fashion addict

Mini polishes: Set best of the best and Mocca whisper, OPI nail file

Special effects,Just chill, Killer curves, Honey bee

All images are clickable:)
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  1. Wow.. you got QUITE a haul. I LOVE Color Club. I love their black. It's the easiest black polish I've ever applied and looks AMAZING on! I also own all of their neons. I just love how easy they are to apply as well. They got the neon thing right!

  2. Great haul! I also have Worth the risqué, Love'em or leave'em and I love them.
    About Color Club, maybe it's just me, but then I first got my CC polishes and opened them I thought I can really tell what they smelled differently then other polishes I own. =)...

  3. wow, i also love Wild at heart, Worth the risque, Love'em or leave'em, Fashion addict.
    if i may suggest, you can try revvvolution...
    i think you'll love it too ^^

  4. Congrats:) I own a lot of CC polishes, and I love 'em!Good price/quality!

  5. FitterTwit, I plan to order the black one too, when I finish konad black:) have to try some neons myself, thanks:*

    Katjuska, I agree the smell is somewhat strange indeed:) thank you:*

    KaThy, of course, thanks:* I also ordered the revvvolution, but it wasn't available at trans design:( hope to get it next time:)

    Manicure Time, thank you:*

  6. I really love Color Club holos. I bought a backup for Wild at Heart the day after I swatched it because I loved it so much. Fashion Addict is really pretty too, I want to do some konading with the two of them when the sun is out again. :)

  7. I fell in love after seeing some great swatches! These holos rock:) wild at heart is really thick, so it would be great to konad with, must try this:D thanks:*

  8. Nice haul. I don't own a single one.

  9. I just ordered my first CCs from transdesign last night. I'm very excited :]

    Hope to see your swatches soon!

  10. Really nice shades, I'm looking forward to swatches!

    Btw I've tagged you for I Love Your Blog Award at my blog so have a look :)

  11. Susie, you should order one or more :P thanks:*

    SeeingSunshine, thank you:* Hope to post them soon:)

    Lucy, thanks a lot:* Swatches are definetely coming:)

  12. I'm loving Color Club. Congratulations on such a fabulous haul!


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