Thursday, February 25, 2010

A rather small konad ip haul and China glaze matte magic

 Hey, Ladies!

How are you? It's a beautiful day, the sun is peaking through the clouds into my room:) What I  have for you today is a rather small konad image plate haul which I haven't shared with you up till now. I've ordered m21 m27, m36 and m36-1. Do you have any of these yourself?
I've also got in my mail box a package from trans design which included a bottle of China glaze Matte magic for me, other things were for a dear friend Anchek:) Thank you, you're a sweety!
Can't wait to try all this new stuff, as you can see I've already pre-cleaned the plates with some pure acetone, just like to do that before I use them:)
Do you have any experiences with CG Matte magic?

Thank you, dear followers and readers, have a nice and polished day:*

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  1. What's the difference between m36 and m36-1? The patterns seem to be the same

  2. Greeat haul! Matte Magic is really great, I love it!

  3. Great plates!

    kada... the images are reversed. (So your left hand and right hand can be the same.)


  4. Wow, cool stamping plates, I also made an order some days ago, I'm looking forward to trying every design ;-)

  5. cool! I only have the right hand plate ^_^, so I guess I can do only one hand lol :)

  6. Nice Konad plates. Love all the different designs. I have the Matte Magic and it works well. I've used it as a topcoat for a matte polish and it worked well.

  7. kada, as Asami already siad, the images on plate m36 are mirror-like to images on plate m36-1:) thanks:*

    gileddangel, thanks, can't wait to try it out!

    Asami, thank you:*

    Eli, thanks:* so am I:)

    Arie, never mind, then it will be the same as your right;)thank you:*

    Lucy, glad you're back! I've already have some ideas for matte manicures:) thank you:*

  8. KONADomania and Asami thanks!
    I am a newbie and I didn't realize the left/right hand problem yet lol

  9. no problem, I'm glad we helped you out:) If you have any other questions regarding konad, just ask;)

  10. Can't wait to see what lovely works of art you'll produce with those plates. :)


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