Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mattified and konaded, could I ask for anything more:)

Hey, you Lovelies:)

And good morning to you all! It's again a beautiful day outside, and I'm waiting for my BF to come home from night shift.

Today's KOTD is yesterday's manicure with Careline 355 which I mattified with China glaze Matte magic and I'm so satisfied with the result I cannot tell:) Love the smoothness and the velvet effect it gives to the polish. This is also my first real matte top coat.

But I did not stop at mattifying, huh:D I had to put a konad over it, what else;) I used konad image plate m73 and China glaze Passion for gold stamping.

The pictures are taken in my lightbox with artificial light.

What do you think of the matte effect and the konadicure? Yay or nay?:)

Thank you, dear readers and commenters, have a nice and polished weekend:*


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  1. it's very elegant and beautiful =))))

  2. Yes, elegant was the word I was looking for, thanks Trincess... ;)!
    Very elegant! =)

  3. Trincess, thanks a lot!:*

    nihrida, thank you:*

    Thess, thanks:*

  4. i love it. and i have to say that you have very nice hands! =)

  5. Thank you for such a lovely compliment:*

  6. gildedangel, thank you:*

    Biba, thanks:* glad you like it:)

  7. Beautiful! Both mattified and matti-konadified!!

  8. You have such a good taste ! I love what you did with this mani, it turned out super pretty <3

  9. Oh I love it! I never thought I'd use that image but now I'm thinking I will... ;)

  10. love how it looked matte, subtle and pretty but you have to love cool konad stamps;)

  11. smALtY, thank you:*

    Tuli, thanks a lot:*

    Jenny, that's great! Glad to help you out;) thank you:*

    Stephanie, so agree with you:) I can't resist putting konad over a manicure:) thanks:*

  12. Very nice, very's always so much fun seeing your Konadicures. Love the matte too!

  13. Ohh, thanks a lot, witoxicity:* *blush*


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