Monday, February 1, 2010

China glaze LOL - holographic goodness and Giveaway reminder

Hope you had a great weekend:)

A quicky today. As you know I'm a purple lover, and I also love holographic polishes, so what better way to combine my love in China glaze LOL. There are 2 coats in the picture over 1 coat of Nailtek f.2, without the top coat. All pictures were taken in the lightbox with artificial light so the colours are more or less accurate.

What do you think of the colour? Enlarge the pictures to see the detail;)

Thank you, dear readers and commenters, have a nice and polished day:*

You can still enter Skin MD Natural shielding lotion giveaway, untill 24.00 today (Slovenia time).


All images are clickable:)
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  1. wow what an amazing colour! i have octa gone wild, which is very similar to this colour, but i think its got bigger holo particles. i too LOVE purples :D

  2. Aah, it's gorgeus. I don't have any of these ChG holos yet.

  3. I have OMG and TTYL but LOL is on my wishlist and I think I'll get it soon. It's really great !

  4. I think it's time for me to get this one. It's beautiful!

  5. I LOVE this color and its purple holographic-y goodness!

  6. Gorgeous!!! I definetly have to put that on my list of polishes to get. :~)

  7. Krissy, I'm so with you:) thanks:*

    Biba, you should het one;) thnank you:*

    Lucy, thanks:*

    Ayuu, great it is:) thank you:*

    nihrida, you won't regret it, it's really amazing:) thanks:*

    gildedangel, thank you:*

    Twister, indeed:) thanks:*

  8. This looks wonderful on you. I love the ChG OMG I think they were the first whole ChG collection I bought when I got into nail polish.

  9. Thank you, Jessica:* It's really a gorgeous collection indeed!

  10. I am a total holo addict and this is one of my favorites! It looks gorgeous on you!

  11. Oh, it is nice! I had QT and TTYL, dunno why I sold them. LOL is edgy ellegance. But my perfect purple holograph is Color Club Wild at Heart.

  12. Andrea, thanks a lot! This is also my fav holo purple:)

    Day, thanks:* I'm still waiting for my CC wild at heart:P Trans design's started to sell them from now on, hurray!:) Just have to place the order

  13. Oh my gosh, I'm so in love with this purple holo!! It's super!


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