Friday, January 29, 2010

Konaded Mannequin Hands

As promised or anticipated;) I bring you yesterday's NOTD with a konad over it. I used one of my new plates, Konad image plate m69 and Konad special nail polish in white, as well as 1 coat of Poshe fast drying top coat.

What do you think of the colour combination? I think it reminds me a bit of coffee and milk/cream:)

Thank you, dear readers and commenters, have a nice and polished weekend:*

All images are clickable:)

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  1. THat color is perfect and the design is so pretty!

  2. Wauw beautiful!!! Love it very much!!

  3. this is very pretty. And yes, it is like coffee and french vanilla cream....yum!

  4. I love it. To me is better with konadicure then bare.

  5. I love it , thats an awsome plate . Can't wait to get my hands on some of the new plates !

  6. Very nice! That Konad design is beautiful <3

  7. Very pretty! I have this color too but it looks so much better on you!

  8. Going back to the charleston, 1920/1930's!

    Great konad!

  9. Lol, you just found the way to make me like that nude color :D
    this design is great ^^

  10. Mae, thanks:*

    BabyD, thank you:*

    Jessica, thanks:*

    Romika, thanks a lot:*

    nihrida, thank you:*

    yardstics 4 lunatics, it does remind of this too:) thanks:*

    the-swatchoholic, thank you:*

    Day, I agree:) thanks:*

    Mary Ann, you should;) they're great! thank you:*

    Susie, thanks:*

    Nea, thank you:*

    Michele, *blush* I'm sure it looks great on your nails:) thank you:*

    Thess, haha, never thought you were;) thanks a lot:*

    Andrea, thank you:*

    Ayuu, glad I did;) thank you:*

  11. I love this konadicure. Especially since I'm not fan of mannequin hands.

  12. Camy, thank you:*

    Gejba, thanks a lot:*

  13. It's very beautiful and I agree with you about coffe's idea !!

  14. Oh...this is delicate and really classy. I recently did a konadicure with this design, but in a totally different colour scheme. What a different effect. This looks lovely!

  15. Thank you, glitterM:* Off to check yours:)


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