Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year 2010:* and some swatches of CG C-C Courage


hope you all had a fun and great jump into New Year 2010! I had mine, we spent the evening in a remote skiiing hut, though there was not much snow:( but we had a great time anyway. Where did you spend New Year's Eve?

Here's a polish which was part of my latest haul, namely the China glaze C-C Courage. I applied 2 coats of it over 1 coat of Nailtek f.2 and 1coat of INM OutTheDoor topcoat. What do you think of the colour? Do you like it or not? All pictures were taken under artificial light, with and without flash, and they are quite colour accurate, the polish is a bit more purple IRL.

I've also made a konadicure I was not able to post previous year due to a virus on my computer, so here it is today:) and it's Christmas related. There are 2 coats of China glaze C-C Courage and the stamp is made with China glaze Millenium and konad image plate m12 and 1 coat of INM OutTheDoor.

Thank you dear readers and commenters, have a great and polished 2010:*

with flash

under artificial light, no flash

All images are clickable:)


  1. Beautiful purple! And i like the cute stamping :)

  2. Thanks:* I agree, it's such a great colour indeed

  3. happy new year...
    i love all your nail art design...

  4. It looks really cool, also with konad!

  5. Love this color and I love China Glaze :-)

  6. Awesome color. I've got it coming in the mail. :)
    Love the Konading too.

  7. @Andreja, thank you, so do I:)

    @Nea, you're so sweet, thanks:*

    @Susie,thank you, you won't regret it:*

  8. This shade is amazing! I love it ^^
    I just wish I can find CG here in Portugal... =/


  9. Thanks, Ana Rita:* cg isn't available in my country either:( you have to order it from usa:)

  10. I think I might try Konading again, my initial Konad-fever has vanished in favour of more nuetral looks! lol Happy New Year

  11. Happy New Year to you too:* Sometimes nude is all you need;)

  12. This color looks great :)
    happy new year ^^

  13. I bought this polish but I didn't try it yet !! When I see your pictures, I tell myself that I must do it absolutely, this color is great.

  14. I've tried to make a picture but the sun is not coming out today.
    But mine is really not this bright purple...
    Isn't that strange?

  15. Thank you, Ayuu, wish you happy new year too:*

    Saori, thanks, do it;) it's really amazing<3

    Thess, I agree,it's strange indeed, how about other swatches you've seen? I think my pics quite capture the colour in the bottle and on the nails.

  16. When the sun really comes out, I will try again, and send you the picture!
    From full nails en the bottle.
    You can put the two pictures together.
    Then you can see the difference. ;)
    Or not.. =D

  17. I know what you mean:) no sun here too:( We'll just have to wait then;)


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