Thursday, January 14, 2010

China glaze For Audrey swatch

Finally some photos with nail polishes;) Here's one that was part of my last nail polish haul, China glaze For Audrey. It's a 1 coater over Nailtek f.2 and there's also one coat of Essie G2G topcoat. I love the colour, just don't know where to wear it to:) Any suggestions?? Black clothes would do fine, how about other colours?

Do you own this polish? What do you think of the colour?

Thank you, dear readers and commenters, have a nice and polished day:*

First two pics were taken in the light box without flash, colour accurate

Indoors with flash, not so colour accurate

All images are clickable:)

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  1. I have this color and I have never used it! Youd think I would grab it on occasion but it keeps getting pushed back.

  2. Ich liebe die Farbe sehr, werde ihn demnächst auch für meine Leser swatchen. Dazu kann man auch gut braun und grau tragen finde ich.
    Liebe Grüße

  3. I have this color and I've only worn it a couple times. I wanted something more tiffany blue, this wasn't quite it

  4. I also have this one and I think it's absolutely GORGEOUS! I'd wear it with black (since all of my clothes are mainly black), but it would also look great with jeans and a sweater in the same color group. And if you want to go bold, wear a bright red with it. =)

  5. @L, I know what you mean, it was the last polish from my haul that I've swatched:) Thanks:*

    @JustMe, danke für deine Tipp:*

    @Ange-Marie, I picked it because it was so unusual, hope you find the perfect tiffany. Thank you:*

    @nihrida, thanks:* I just might try that colour combo:)

    @gildedangel, thank you:*

  6. I never match my nails to my clothes... But if I were to, I'd wear For Audrey with black, white, or neutral colors, such as brown or tan. For some reason, I'm also thinking it would look nice with red! A good time to wear bold colors like this would be while running errands or going to the mall. You'll see lots of different people and get all kinds of compliments :)

  7. @Jessica, thanks:*

    @Polish Hoarder, I match my clothes to my nails, how about that;) Thank you for advice:*

  8. Where did you get the nail polish???? I love the color but I can't find it anywhere!!!!


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