Thursday, November 12, 2009

More tags!:)

I've been given three different tags lately, I did not forget to make a post on them, but there was just no time to do it. I'm quite busy these days; karate seminar, preparation for my next week starting apprenticeship at elementary school,  etc. so please be patient if my posts are not published every two days;) There will certainly be some new:)

First tag is Kreativ blogger award which I was given by lovely Pinkerginger and Amarena. Thank you both:*

The rules are as follows:

List Seven facts about yourself,and then award seven people with this tag.

1. I love sport, especially karate
2. According to others I'm an excellent cook and make great sweets:P
3. I do not like spiders and snakes
4. I'm a teacher of English language and literature and translator and interpreter for German language
5. My apprenticeship starts next Monday, man I'm nervous:)
6. Since end of October I have been teaching karate to young ones, the youngest is 4 years old:)
7. I'm a nail polish and konad addict, how about that :D

As almost all of you fellow-bloggers have done this tag, I tag those who have not yet done it:P

Next tag is by my French nail polish collegue Juicy Nails who gave me One lovely blog award. Thank you dear:*

The last tag I was given was by Halifax from Sparkled Beauty, namely the Your blog is loved award, thank you sweetheart:*


So, let the tagging  begin!:) All of you who have not done it yet and would like to go ahead and do it:)
Nice and polished day to you:*

ps. If any of you tagged me, but I did not mention it in the post, please let me know, so I can correct it, thanks. There were so many tags I got lost in between:)


Please leave a message, I'm always glad and happy reading them:) Thanks!