Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm BACK:)

Hello, dear readers!

How are you today? I had to take a long sleep to recover a bit, the ride took more than 6 hours in one direction and we did nor see much of Belgrade:( But I would not be me, if I had not bought some polish there, right;) I pampered myself with 2 polishes from a Serbian beauty company called Aura; photos of which I'll post later today or surely tomorrow. One is purple and the other one dark blue with small blue glitter, they both look so great<3 just hope they will remain great when put on nails:) Before I went to Serbia, I coloured my nails in China glaze Branding iron and took pictures of it, these will be posted today and some current pictures for comparison to see how the polish chipped  and how the tips are visible:(

How did you spend this weekend? Hope you all had great time!

Love and kisses, have a nice and polished day:*


  1. That's really a long ride. Shame you didn't get to see anything. Couldn't you stop to have a break? Nice to buy some polish.

  2. First we drove for more than 6 hours and arrived in Belgrade at 3 pm. but we had to find the hotel and this took us almost 2 hours, then it was late evening, we ate something and took a cag to the centre. We did not stay late because the competition started early in the morning next day, so we went back to hotel, but I did get a chance to buy two polishes though;) perhaps some other time I'll have more time to see this city


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