Saturday, November 6, 2010

My stash :) warning pic heavy!

Hello, dear readers and followers, long time no hear from me:)

The work requires more of me than I've thought, so sorry for the lack of post :(

In the meantime I got a new storage place for my nail polishes, they were getting so many so I needed a new home for them. I bought a red metall container in Mömax (Austria) which I placed in our living room.

The total number of all polishes is 174, not so high right;)

Let's take a look at the collection.
The first pic is the stash before I began to re-organize it.

The second pic, my french manicure polishes:

My purples:

My pinks and berries:

My holos:

My reds:

My blues and greens:

My taupes, nudes and peachy colours:

My brown, black, silver and white colours:

My Konad stamping nail polishes (plus some other rather old ones):

My other nail polishes which I use primarily for stamping:

There're also 2 polishes in orange and coral, though I forgot to take pics of them.
My new ones (ready to be swatched):

Polishes which I tried but I don't like them anymore:) so they're going to be sold or given away:)

My treatments and top coats with some special polishes:

My collection of treatments, top coats, konad special polishes, image plates and other stuff needed for stamping organized in the drawer:

Other polishes which need to be tried and swatched:

That's it,  how do you organize your polishes? By colours, brands, types or any other way??

Thank you, dear readers and followers, have a nice and polished weekend:*
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  1. uuuuuuuuuuu hoooow cooool is that:P I loooveeee holos:) hehe........

  2. I try to organize and it all gets jumbled again because I have 3 daughters who love to play in my polish but never put it away the way they should. So I have taken to putting a sticker on the top of any polish I have swatched already green if I hated it, yellow if I liked it, pink if I loved. No sticker means untried.

  3. Wow you have so many nice polishes! *drool*

  4. I organize my polishes by color, then brand. I also have a separate container for untried polishes.

  5. i have two containers that i use, one for hands, and one for toes...this is my most recent "organization system" that doesnt make me feel too guilty for owning the amount that i own.

  6. Rozike bi ti pobrala. :))) No pa marsikaterga druzga. :P Si jim pa res našla super dom, moji se še vedno stiskajo v 2h škatlah, prostora je pa vsak dan manj. hihi

  7. What a great collection! You have quite some great polishes there :)
    I still don't have enough polishes to make use of a helmer. I still keep them by brand.

  8. Pink_Diamond, so do I:) thanks:*

    R3Beauty, great way to organize them! thank you:*

    Kathrin, thanks dear:*

    Zara, great way too:) I have many different brands, so I prefer to sort them by colour. Thanks:*

    Tina, how cunning is that:D Well done, there's never enough polish right;)

    Ivana, verjamem;) hvala:* sem prepričana, da se tvoja zbirka veča iz dneva v dan:D

    Thifa, thanks bunch:* sure your collection will grow in no time;)

  9. I organize mine by color too. Right now I use small rubbermaid containers. I'm going to have to split out the blue and greens and the mauves and pinks. lol They have cramped quarters. ;)

  10. Wow a great collection. I need to find a new way to store mine.

  11. welcome back! miss you sweetie! =)
    love your nail polish collection! ♥ tc

  12. awesome collection :D also, i have a question; does that silver Pure Ice polish work for stamping?? Because I have a Pure Ice polish and it works for stamping, and my friend has one that works for stamping. And I want a silver polish for stamping but I can't seem to find one... so I was wondering if that worked... anyway, thanks :)

  13. Wow!! I recently placed them in an Ikea high cabinet and sorted them (in a wonderful pull-out storage unit) by color, too. I didn't thought I've got so many blues and green!
    The untrieds are in a cardboard box on the bottom, waiting for my goodwill and a sunny day!

  14. That is an amazing collection! I organize mine by darks / lights / glittlers and then my Nfu Oh is separate

  15. Čudovita zbirka, jaz imam svoje urejene po barvah, tako da vedno takoj najdem kaj iščem=)

  16. Kimberly, thank you:*

    Twister, I thought for a long time how to store them:) thanks:*

    Kelly, thanks a lot:* The silver one isn't Pure ice, it's SOnia Kashuk Smoke&mirrors, and I haven't tried it yet for stamping.

    Mae, thanks dear:*

    smALTy, thank you:+ you never know how many you have untill you start sorting them out;)

    Beauty Addict, I'm sure Nfu-ohs deserve that;) thanks:*

    colorfulbottle, po barvah je tudi meni sedaj najboljše:) hvala:*

  17. nice collection :D I organize mine by brand, I find it easier.

  18. Nea, if you've got so many polishes of the same brand, and it's easier to organize:) thank you:*

  19. Great stash, I loved seeing how you organized the drawers

  20. Wow! that nail polish!, I have not even half of what you have.
    I also see you have many boards, I just 4.


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