Monday, March 1, 2010

Guest nails: Japanese cherry tree KOTD


A quicky today, as I'm on my way back to school. Here are familiar guest nails again, there are 2 coats of Jade 315 (bright red with gold, pink shimmer), which I could not captures in these photos, but I promise I'll show it to you in its true beauty:) Then I used fauxnad im H23 and Konad special nail polish in white and 1 coat of Poshe fast drying topcoat.

Do you like the end result?

Thank you, dear readers and commenters, have a nice and polished day:*

All images are clickable:)
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  1. Cute! x

  2. O0o0o0o I like that plate! Very nice!

  3. OHhhh I really like that! I love cherry blossoms and I still dont have this plate...adding it to the list!

  4. waw cherry blossom.. i like it =)

  5. gildedangel, thanks:*

    Lucy, thank you:*

    Sculda, it's a great plate indeed:) thanks:*

    Jessica, you should get this one;) thank you:*

    Camy, thanks:*

    Mae, thank you:*

    DistantDreamer, thanks:*

    mancina, are you a fan of cherry blossoms, too?:) thank you:*

  6. I like to use this design too because I find it very simple, beautiful & fast ;)
    Beautiful in white & red !!

  7. I love it!! I have to add another plate to my wishlist ;-)

  8. Thank you, Saori:*

    smaALtY, thanks:* it's a great plate indeed!

  9. Wow that is so beautiful! I might have to get that plate...

  10. The cherry blossoms are so cute! Lemming.....

  11. do so cupcakes_doughnuts;) thank you:*

    witoxicity, thanks:* there are a lot of plates I'm lemming for:D

  12. i heard is no longer honoring the 30% coupon codes :( i saw it on youtube, here's the link


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