Monday, February 22, 2010

Lilac and purple KOTD

 I fell so spring-like:) The snow has started to melt around here, and flowers have begun to burst from the ground, it's really getting warmer. I just wonder if there is going to snow again, because I have a feeling the winter is not over yet.

On to today KOTD, over yesterday's NOTD with Andrea 15 I added a konad with m69 and Konad special nail polish in Violet pearl, then I applied 1 coat of INM OutTheDoor top coat.

I really like the colour combination, I'm just a sucker for these 2 colours:)

How about you?

Thank you, dear readers and commenters, have a nice and polished day:*

ps. I've already taken pics of some goodies for my 300+ giveaway, I think I will post them tomorrow;)

All images are clickable;)
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  1. That color is beautiful. I love your nails. :)

  2. danke vielmals:*

    elchy, thanks a lot:*

  3. I've been feeling the same way!! It has warmed up a few degrees and I keep thinking it is spring :) which is so nice!

    very pretty purple spring mani :)

  4. Ayuu, thank you:*

    Brooke, we share the thought:) thanks:*

    gildedangel, thank you:*

  5. So pretty for spring! My favorite color too!

  6. ohh this is so pretty.. i love purple!!
    btw, did u received my email to u? pls email me.. thanks

  7. moodpuppet, thank you:* I suppose there are a lot of lilac/purple lovers out there,right:)

    Lyra, thanks:*

    cupcakes_doughnuts, thank you:*

    thriszha, thanks, I've just written back to you, was away for a while:)

  8. This is so pretty, I love this combination ! You really succeeded to create a delicate purple look and it turned out beautiful :-)

  9. Thank you, Tuli:* couldn't make it without you;)

  10. Beautiful shade on you and love the flower design. I'd love to see some flowers popping out of the ground.

  11. OK, I said it was beautiful previously, now with the stamping, it has become so cute! Very cute and pretty. :D


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