Monday, September 14, 2009

I Think You Are An Awsome Girl tag - 10 facts about me

I have been tagged by the best and sweetest mineral MU and nail polish blogger Nati, owner of the blog All about Nati, thank you so much for tagging me, I feel very flattered indeed. So I am to list 10 random fact about me, hmm here we go:

1. tomorrow is my second diploma exam, still have to do my powerpoint presentation, but I am writing my blog, huh what should that mean;) I study english language  with literature and german language-translation studies
2. I love cooking and baking, if you do not mind I will post some recipes and pictures of what I have done, how about that??
3. I am an only child, not sisters or brothers:(
4. have the feeling that I'm internet addicted
5. in a relationship for over 7 years now
6.  recently discovered addiction- nail polishes and Konad- who would have thought, right;)
7. I do not like tidying up, but I still do it:)
8. love green tea
9.  I do martial arts, karate4life, I love sports
10. the last but not the least; my favourite colours are violet, purple and red
The 10 blogs I tag:

There are many great blogs, and I surely read many of them.Thank you my dear readers and commenters:) It means a lot to me, kisses:*


  1. Maribor, you? perhaps we know each other;)

  2. Perhaps, but I think you are older. :)

  3. I'm 25, and you? what do you study?

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  5. 23. Slovene and English (I've made my English diploma, I have to pass the last Slovene exam and write the diploma of course). :)

  6. are you to be 24 this year? you're very diligent:) keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly, but sure it will. I also have my diploma examination tomorrow;)

  7. Thank you. I will be 24 next year, I've finished 4th year in June. And who is your mentor, what were you writing about? I wish you good luck.

  8. Very fun to read and thanks for the tag. I posted mine over the weekend :) I say YES! to your number 2 and sadle, I think I'm right with you on #4 :)

  9. you're welcome Mary:) so prepare in the next days to see some pictures of my food creations and not only KOTD:P

    My english mentor is dr.Nada Šabec and I wrote about advertising slogans and my german mentor dr. Vesna Kondrič-Horvat where I write about different interventions in translation, what about you?

  10. My mentor was dr. Klementina Jurančič Petek and I was writing about pronunciation of silent letters in 4 Slovene primary schools - comparison between 6th and 9th grade. It was a loooooooooot of work, but I am happy that it is over. My Slovene diploma will be about - Novotvorjenke za poimenovanje oseb v revijah, časopisih in na internetu- I have collected more than 400. :) First the exam and after that diploma.
    Kako dolgo si pa čakala, da so ti povedali, kdaj boš imela zagovor. Če jutri naredim izpit, takoj nesem dol prijavo teme. :)

  11. mene je prejšnji teden poklicala mentorica, če mi ustreza ju3:) ker je bilo manj kot 10 dni. pri angli pa mogoče kaka 2 tedna.
    torej že imaš napisano drugo diplomo? to je več kot super:) pri obeh sem imela dosti dela ja, pri prvi za analizo vseh sloganov, pri drugi pa za primerjavo med prevodi in izvirniki. verjamem, da si tudi ti imela ogromno dela

  12. hehe, sta fajn prešaltali iz angleščine na slovenščino!
    super zanimiv post in lepe pohvale :)) drži se jutri!

  13. I'd love to see some receipes and photos of your dishes you've made. I'm definitely addicted to the internet. I don't think there's a day where I haven't been online. Nice to know you a bit better.

  14. Hehe, I am also online every day;) don't know if I am a bit better or worse ;) I think I will post some today, of course with pics


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